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Thread: Mount Garfield

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    Mount Garfield

    Date of Hike: Monday, January 20th

    Trail Conditions:
    The water crossings are still open but can be rock hopped. Snow levels are still really low for this time of year but the whole trail does have snow on it, rocks are still not buried though until almost gaining the ridge. Bareboot or light traction worked fine on Monday, hopefully snowshoes soon. Put on traction at the Garfield Ridge Trail Junction if you want to speed up the steep section to the summit.

    Parking: Parked at the south end of the Gale River Loop Road next to the gate. Room for a few cars, don't block the gate.

    Comments: A really nice hike in the woods up to Mount Garfield. Thanks to Tim, Whitney, and Chris for letting me tag along. Pics / Report

    Name: Chris

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