Date of Hike: March 11, 2014

Trail Conditions: The Ammo was well packed down near the start but as we climbed, the trail was drifted in some, though never more than about 3-4" deep. We did end up losing the trail just before the hut as it appeared there was more that one packed track -- we came up on the left side alongside the ice floes. We didn't sink in much so we must have been on one of the possible herd paths that sometimes form. It wasn't surprising that we'd lose the exact trail; it was a whiteout up there with 50' of visibility and near zero contrast so we placed wands on our way up leaving a clear back trail. We would have summited but the client had enough and I didn't have anymore wands anyway.

Special Equipment Used: We brought trekking poles, crampons, and wands. Microspikes would have been fine, snowshoes weren't needed (but they will be soon).

Comments: Hiked this one as lead for my work. Just an individual client interested in doing something besides the Rock Pile. Fun hike. Noted tracks: someone skied the lower parts of the ravine today.

Note: It's all a moot point, anyway, we're supposed to get dumped on up here

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH