Date of Hike: June 6, 2014

Trails: Wildcat Ridge Trail, Carter-Moriah Trail, Carter Dome Trail, and Nineteen Mile Brook Trail

Trail Conditions: All crossings were easy, including the Ellis River right at the start. And aside from one blowdown on the Carter Dome Trail, the lanes were clear. There was some mud on that trail. It wasn't bad, but it was the worst of the loop. It was really an unremarkable hike, trail conditions-wise. The scrambles were fun, of course, and the exit seemed to drag, of course. We did see some ice on the Wildcat Ridge Trail, about the size of a serving platter. That's it. The most startling thing to me today was how amazingly filled in the dam swimming hole on 19MBT is. I dove off that dam last summer; not happening now. There must be a deposit of gravel 6-7 feet thick throughout the bulk of it, now. There's still little depth by the inlet and along the dam on the left side, but pretty much the rest of it is mere inches deep. Last thing, look for some bog bridge work on the WRT this year. We noted a new helo dump of materials along the trail. Yay!

Special Equipment Used: None needed. We brought poles and used them but not out of need, didn't bother bringing traction. Brought bug spray but didn't need it on the hike. Going up it was cool and breezy, and we were cruising right along, so we didn't get bothered if they were out.

Comments: I hiked this one with Brett from work, but for we hiked for fun. Great day up there. Cool and breezy.

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH