Date of Hike: August 4th, 2014

Trail Conditions: Trails in good shape, Edmands is one of my favorites. a little bit of water here and there but to be expected due to scattered showers.

Special Equipment Required: Bug spray helpful most of the day. I was moving slower on the road walk so I did use the bug spray in the evening.

Comments: Optional - Had planned to do Jackson too with a bike ride but opted to skip Jackson, silly me left the bike in the car though and it would have been nice for the two mile road walk at the end. Some had stayed overnight virtually on the Edmands Path, their fire not quite cold yet they left they toothpaste box on the fire, poor wilderness ethics, but good hygiene. On the top of Eisenhower, their were two couples there, not crowded at all, yet three of the four felt it necessary to cross over the scree walls. The 4th was curious how her hubby got out to his seat, I left before she made a decision to cross the Alpine growth to get there or to stay within the scree walls. Two groups of women out hiking on this Monday, some from the Amherst MA area.

Maybe the easiest hike to enjoy a couple miles of Alpine zone walking.

Scattered showers in the Whites but I stayed dry, okay, I did not get rained on. Car did get a little rain before I left the Mt. Clinton Road.

Mike P.