Eisenhower, Pierce, Jackson (1/30/2016)


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Mar 5, 2012
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Trails: Crawford Path, Webster Cliff Trail, Webster-Jackson Trail

Conditions: We started the day in the clouds, but had everything clear just as we were starting up the Eisenhower Loop. Very little wind and reasonably warm on the ridge today. The Crawford Path is well packed and barebootable all the way to the Pierce summit. From Pierce to Eisenhower we found stretches of drifted snow, but these have now been well-packed by at least 10 hikers on snowshoes. Pierce to Mizpah is a little rocky and though we left snowshoes on, it would have been better in microspikes. We switched to microspikes at Mizpah and kept them on all the way to the car. Mizpah to Jackson has seen some travel, but the trail is less well-packed than Crawford or Webster-Jackson. The rock steps at the top of the Webster-Jackson trail are icy and snowy, but passable with microspikes. Webster-Jackson back to the car was an easy cruise after the rocky bits at the top.

Special Equipment: Snowshoes for sections, microspikes for other sections, thought bare boots and gaiters would have been fine the whole way.