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Thread: Jefferson by Jewell/Gulfside March 1st

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    Jefferson by Jewell/Gulfside March 1st

    It's Thor's 5th birthday and he is going to finish his NH 4K peaks on Jefferson this Sunday. He is also caught up to me on winter peaks so he will be finishing the Winter 48 with me as well. Would be great to see folks out there but we won't be running a race, at least I won't be! Have had back issues for over a year so I am over booktime on my hikes. We went up Jewell last Sunday for Washington and the trail is in good shape. There are a number of duck unders but it is winter! ;-)
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    Looking forward to the trip report. Congratulations ahead of time to both of you. When Thor finishes we'll get him posted on the Canine winter 48 list.
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