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Thread: Santanoni Direct to Santanoni, Couchsachraga & Panther

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    Santanoni Direct to Santanoni, Couchsachraga & Panther

    Date of Hike: 8/18/2015

    Trail Conditions: dry and narrow, for a bushwhack it was pretty easy to follow. Hardest part of the bushwhack was low on the Santanoni Direct when the trail crosses a muddy area (or goes around it) but very easy after that. For a ridge, like other ADK ridges, it was short on any flat areas between Santanoni and Panther and more of an up and down like other ADK "Ridge walks". We were the only ones to go up Santanoni Direct as others we saw had spent the day at Bradley Pond and went up that way.

    Special Equipment Required: Water. No water from shortly leaving the trail on the Santanoni direct until down quite a bit off of Panther from Times Square. In the heat, the gallon I brought was light, I even had a filter back at the house. My partner had Iodine pills but had to wait until we found water.

    Comments: Glad to have these three down. Met one of Julie's (the hiker who drowned in Feldspar Brook) friends at the trailhead and we paired up on what may be the hardest three peak bushwhack in the ADK's. Took just under 12 hours to do the three and we got a good drenching from a shower well after we were back on the trail well below Bradley Pond. Panther's summit is the most Alpine Summit of the three, I wouldn't mind visiting Panther again but unsure I'd go to the other two.

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    Have fun & be safe
    Mike P.

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