Date of Hike: 12/25/15

Trails: Gale River Loop Rd (FR92) -Gated, Gale River, Garfield Ridge, & Frost trails

Trail Conditions: Wet and muddy in the lower sections. no snow, only a hint of ice up high. two major river crossing hoppable, with some wet boots. Only a few step-over blowdowns. most wet spots are on level areas so a upcoming freeze shouldn't make it difficult.

Special Equipment Required: None. Waterproof boots.

Comments: Only 3 other Christmas hikers seen, one couple doing GR and Twins, other (Mark from Boston) doing GR and Garfield - nice talking with you at the hut. Hesitant to count this as a "winter peak" but I guess my non-winter hikes in snow and ice make up for it.