With the Garden being closed this summer, I'm looking for another hike.

I have a group of mixed fitness levels and a couple of scouts who need a 10 mile hike. I was looking at Cascade and Porter. The scouts would have been dropped off at the Garden, we would have spotted a vehicle or two at the Airfield and then the less fit would go up the traditional approach and then all would descend to the Airlfield.

We did something familiar with Hurricane a couple of years ago when some went over the Nun-da-go Ridge and up and over Hurricane while some just went up the traditional tail from 9N.

Are there any other options where a group can meet together (estimating when you both arrive on top) on a summit where one has a three or so mile approach and a five to six mile approach. I'll look at the maps, however, I don't recall a longer approach to Goodenow or Vanderwhacker. Maybe something that goes over Mt. Van Hovenberg where the longer group goes up to the old Marcy Dam site, down the truck road and then over the back of the mountain and out to the Alpine Center. The others, drop the first group off, spot cars and then do the hike. Not sure it's ten miles though.

Any suggestions? (I will post on the ADK High Peaks Forum when I can)