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Thread: Spring hikes in NH Whites

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    Spring hikes in NH Whites

    has anyone hiked any of the following over the last week and would you be able to predict conditions tomorrow, Sat 5/4/19? Thanks
    Cabot Mt
    Mt Moriah,

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    My guesses

    Cabot Mt - Not great option if you do the Bunnel notch approach, a section of the trail is typically very wet in one section and then boggy up near the col. I expect a wet monorail will appear with rotten snow to the sides.
    Mt Moriah - Somewhat drier from the CM side. The upper Stony Brook Crossing could be scary. You can skip it by taking the old route from the development which is still actively used. There will be a wet monorail and rotten snow my guess is half way up. The stretch from the ledges on the south side to the summit have some deep holes that hold snow quite late in the year
    Liberty/Flume - A FYI, the col between Liberty and Flume particularly heading up the north face of Flume from Liberty is infamous for holding snow late in the spring. It can be a very high monorail with deep rotten snow on either side. Osseo usually loses snow early in season but the run through the woods from the top of the ladders to the south ridge can get deep rotten snow.
    Isolation - Definitely not the time for either normal day hike approach. The Engine Hill bushwhack is probably not worth trying and the multiple crossings of Rocky Branch could be dangerous. The Davis Path approach will have very deep potentially rotten snow in spots.

    IMO I realize we all are chomping at the bit but you are couple of weeks early to do many 4Ks as a conventional day hike. Plan on snow shoes and traction needed up high. Its been raining on and off for quite a stretch and it was snowing earlier in the week at 1400 feet elevation. I seriously doubt the weather will significantly clear for Saturday so it could be damp day in the woods with no views. Best to stick with mountains south of the whites or resign yourself to the slog.

    Of the four would be Flume only via Osseo.

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