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Grey J

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Jul 24, 2013
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Chattanooga TN
I returned to NH last week for my annual visit although I have missed a few years. Though I've never lived in NH, I've been coming back to hike these mountains for 50 years now. The middle of August has been one of the more reliable times in terms of weather over the years, but it was mostly wet this year for the 5 days I was there. Fortunately, not wet enough to keep me off the trails. I've been working my way back from a serious illness which I've discussed here before and won't bore you by reiterating. I finished the 4Ks about 10 years ago and have been casually pursuing the 52WAV list since then. On the drive up, I stopped at Mt Kearsarge and claimed that one in a light drizzle as I walked into the clouds. The fire tower looked eerie in the mist. Day 2 was a repeat with intermittent drizzle, but I was able to solo (don't tell my wife) on the relatively easy Stinson Mt where there was another "grey out" and absolutely no view. The only photo worth taking was the pictures of the old fire towers posted on a board at the summit. My buddy joined me for a hike up Black Mt which was challenging for me and gives you an indication of where my recovery stands. I now use hiking poles when descending and they were very helpful. The views were in and out and the rain persistent. Must have put on and taken off my rain jacket 5 or 6 times. The early 1800s lime kilns at the base are worth the short side trip. Lime Kiln.jpg

On another day we opted for a waterfall circuit because the rain was too much. Ripley Falls was ripping and there were people rappelling down the face of the 100-foot falls. Pretty cool. We hit Silver Cascade in Crawford Notch as well as Upper Ammonoosuc Falls, then looped over Bear Notch Rd and hit Sabbaday Falls and finally Georgianna. With the heavy rain, they were all flowing pretty strong. It was a good use of a rainy day and Kman was able to satisfy his need for waterfall photos and videos. I didn't get to do Tremont, which was one of my goals, but I'll be back again next year, and we'll see what happens. 36/52 with the 3 additions, and most important, still climbing. :cool:

Sorry the photos are in backwards order.

Stinson History.jpg

Kearsarge Tower.jpg
Black Mountain—which I did by accident—is a terrific hike. Yes, the lime kilns are definitely worth checking out.