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Thread: The Cog is in the news again for potenitally unpermitted building

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barkingcat View Post
    Yes -- some of us do.
    I wound up going up Ammo SAT from the official lot. There was one car ahead of me and the tracks of a bare booter in the fluffy, unconsolidated snow. Snowshoeing in the woods was amazing SAT. Light snow falling on and off, everything heavily blanketed in powder and very loose trail conditions. Even untracked the first mile to the junction with spur was no big deal. And my car was there when I got back.
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    Were always laughing at the hikers who go out of their way to find that parking spot near the trail head so they don't have to walk an extra few steps. And most of these are in youthful shape. Reminds me of the drivers at the box stores trying to get the spot right in front.

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