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Thread: Q: Is Tecumseh a 4000'er ?

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    It’s interesting how The 4000 footer list which started as a game has now become such anal obsession for some. So much for Miriam’s goal for spreading out the impact.
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    Over here in the Adirondacks our traditional "46" list includes Couchsacraga, one of our longest and toughest hikes, at 3820. Lots of gratuitous up and down, and a big swamp, just to get there.

    So I'm all for the 3815ers!

    Tecumseh looks really pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiguy View Post
    Itís interesting how The 4000 footer list which started as a game has now become such anal obsession for some. So much for Miriamís goal for spreading out the impact.
    If they could have seen the future, aka social media. They never would have come up with the list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty View Post
    I'm going with hexadecimal for the 0x1000' footers with a 0x100' col depth (4096'/256').

    This is a GREAT approach for our digital age. I'm in! We can stream the award ceremony of Facebook and use Instagram to verify summits.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TEO View Post
    Odd, because your post is politically driven, and not scientifically valid. My condolences to you on of the death of one of your beloved leaders. (BTW, who are you quoting?)
    Moderator Note:

    Please refrain from personal attacks. You're free to go after the post, but not the poster.
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    I'm not sure what the big deal about this is - I think very few hikers in White Mountains start their ascents at the sea level.

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    And inside,

    'Mt Tecumseh 3997 Ft. 2019'[/QUOTE]

    Unfortunately, the link is not available to me. Does someone happen to have a photo of the new benchmark?



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    Here is a copyClick image for larger version. 

Name:	69151328_10220459626543034_8172202108536225792_n.jpg 
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    Thank you, Tom!

    I remember watching snow boarders one nice winters day jumping off a ramp, gosh, we must have watched for forty-five minutes, and while Tecumseh has been my go-to on rainy days many a time, I hate to think that once it is dropped from the list--and I have to believe at some point it will be--maybe it won't bring people the memories we have all had on it.


    p.s. Purely to pass the time, we once had a discussion about what route would be the most work for the least bang, and we came up with a winter traverse, starting at Waterville Valley, traversing over to Tripoli Rd, and then over the Osceolas.

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