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Thread: Gorge Brook Trail - Mount Moosilauke

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Metsky View Post
    There are no steep down parts of either side of the loop. If anything, there's more steep on Gorge Brook than Snapper, mainly on a few sections of rock steps. The loop (up Gorge Brook, down Carriage Road and Snapper) is nearly the exact same distance as the out and back on Gorge Brook.
    Quote Originally Posted by JustJoe View Post
    I'll just echo what others have said. Do a loop either direction using Gorge Brook, Snapper, and Old Carriage Road hitting South Peak as well. Awesome hike.

    Very much agreed -- the loop, with a quick stop on South Peak.

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    Hi Matt,
    Long time no see! I hope all is well. You've received great advice, so I don't have much to add except when Linda & I climbed it in July, we saw a moose and a calf! You will love the Whites;; it's our favorite hiking destination. :-)

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    Great advice here. I would add that the peak is a bit isolated so it creates its own weather patterns. The summit is very exposed and typically has high winds. Plenty of tree cover on the approaches and on the ridge though.

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