19 Years ago I had an incident at work in which I tore the meniscus in my left knee. I'm left handed and my left leg is my power leg for all intensive purposes. I was lucky to have a great surgeon (he works on pro football players and pro soccer players) complete my repair by tying the remaining meniscus instead of just scraping. Repair has been great since.

Two weeks ago I re-injured the same knee at work. I went back to the original doctor who completed my repair thinking I had torn the meniscus again. Pump the brakes! The repair held up! Nearly 60cc of fluid was drained form the knee and some good old cortisone was used with success. Feels a lot better now.

Bad news is my images shows arthritis in the left side of my knee and a touch on the kneecap. I'll be getting some gel injections for a while. Doctor wan't to stay away from a partial knee replacement as long as possible (I didn't even know a partial knee replacement was possible). It sure does seem inevitable though.

I'm about to turn 47 and probably will be retired in a year to a low speed part time job. I'm petrified I won't be able to hike. Hoping to hear from some successful knee replacement hikers!