Post-knee replacement hiking ?

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Hello all, just a quick note to say thanks for sharing all of this personal (and invaluable) information. I too am starting this journey. Last summer started feeling pain on the inside of my right knee doing any significant walking. Waited until recently to see anyone about it. At 62, thought maybe arthritis, but X-ray was negative on that front. Did some PT, which did not immediately help so I have had my first MRI. Getting results this Friday.
BTW, I ran into Hiker Ed last week on the Franconia Ridge, one grid post TNR and another one in progress. He did mention that heading downhill takes him longer these days and attributes it to some loss of balance from the knee replacements. Heading up hill, he is still a "machine". Then again I think the last grid and this grid attempt is post age 75 so some balance issues may be expected.