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Thread: When the virus meets the mountain towns

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    When the virus meets the mountain towns

    Sobering consequences for medically lean mountain recreation areas

    From the Washington Post

    “Tourists brought prosperity to an Idaho ski valley. They also brought covid-19.
    The snow-capped peaks of Idaho’s Wood River Valley are a magnet for movie stars and other wealthy tourists who throng the area each winter bearing their skis, their appetites and their cash. They come for the soft powder, stay for the parties at top-class restaurants and pump money into an otherwise remote wilderness region where the howl of wolves echoes through the night.
    But this year, somewhere between the lifts and the lodge, the tourists left behind something else: a deadly virus.
    Now the valley is a coronavirus hot spot, registering one of the highest infection rates per capita in the country. With 192*cases in a county of just 22,000 people — including two deaths — the share of the population testing positive is greater than even in New York City.

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