My 16 year old son and I plan on departing from the Loj at 5 on Sunday am. We will be doing Marcy en route to Gray (our 45th) because my son needs Tabletop for his 44th. He's a very speedy hiker so while he does Ttop at warp speed I'll continue along to Marcy while he catches up. From there we will very carefully pick our way down towards Gray, avoiding the rare Alpine Zone vegetation. From Gray we'll hike to the beginning of the 1990 slide on Colden on the Opalescent trail towards L. Arnold then go up the slide. From the summit we'll go down to L. Colden and on to Avalanche Lake where we will soak our trail worn feet then head out to the Loj. If you want to join us post here or send a PM. Don't worry too much about the hiking speed, I'm not that fast and my kid simply has to wait for me. The day will be fairly long however.
I did the Colden slide once already and out of the 10 or so slides I've done this one is the most aesthetically pleasing. The rock is very grippy.