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  • Spencer...thank you so much for the red square. I should have known this was NOT the place to post this sensitive, scary personal experience. I wanted to share it with people who I thought might understand and help me deal with it. I am very grateful to those who supported and encouraged me. When someone experiences something like this the last thing you need is a knife to make the wound a little deeper. Happy hiking Spencer.
    Wife worked there temp. And I would in a heartbeat. Overall they have great stuff. Just some of the touristy stuff is "of lesser quality". And thanks!
    Spencer- I met you last March when I was with ARm's group for the Slide climb. I just called Baxter to see if anyone has been up the Slide yet this year. They told me someone was just rescued. I couldn't find anything in the news. Did you hear anything about this? THe woman at Baxter had no information. I applied for several weekends coming up with three friends and hoped to get some intel on conditions. Thanks. Lucky Laura
    Hi Jim. Glad you made it. I think I had an easier time going from Middle to North but definitely saw some of what you are talking about. I didn't mean to imply the "trail" actually crossed the Tote Rd. I only saw evidence of it on the east side of the road.

    I haven't been to Billfish or its neighbor Bald yet. My game plan, when I get there, is to leave the Fowler trail from the north end of Middle Fowler and whack up Billfish. Then hit the valley at the eastern end of Middle Fowler and head up Bald. When are you thinking of going? I might tag along if I'm available.
    Hi Spencer--just back from doing Strickland--liked it

    Maybe you have better eyes (or job experience helps), but i could not find "trail" crossing the Loop Rd. I parked at the old overgrown north road into Camp P and headed into the woods towards "middle". I hit the old trail twice lower down and didn't use it either time, However up higher i found it it pretty good shape and took it right to the area of the "rock" on middle. I'm glad you mentioned this as the views were very nice-no sign of any register, etc. I cut back down a bit and hoped for easy go to north, no chance. Have seen much worse, but it was thick much of the way to north--Dwelley Pond side looks much more inviting. I thought the "top" on north was surely higher than any areas near the rock on middle. I didn't go to "south" at all.

    Have you done Billfish? Whack from Middle Fowler Pond, Long Pond? Billfish Pond?

    thanks again for the help with Strickland--as you said, it was relatively "easy"

    It's a shame you think my answering questions in the WODC thread warranted a red square. If you read the thread, you'll notice that I was answering questions posed by others and invited them to PM me (no one did) if they had additional concerns. Perhaps next time you can PM me prior to issuing a red square.
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