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Thread: HOW bad has 'fall mud season' really been in vt

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    HOW bad has 'fall mud season' really been in vt

    I WAS planning to hit Mt. Ellen tomorrow, but have heard some less than ideal reports of the conditions, so I may replan my weekend and do something in the whites instead, I'll be based out of the NEK this weekend, so either is actually pretty close

    can anyone confirm if it is as muddy as I have been led to believe? Their website isn't too specific as far as which trails are bad, but lets face it, sinking in the mud is not real fun, and does do more damage, but if its an overbown story, I might as well go for it, so we will see what happens.
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    I hiked from Ap. Gap south to Lincoln Gap on Monday the 17th. Its not anywhere near as muddy as Ive seen it in the past. The first half of the day there were alot of puddles and trail-streaming. From General Stark south over to Ellen was the wettest area. (even some snow in places)
    Once over Ellen, the terrain was much drier and quite pleasant by the time we got on top of Abraham.
    By the way, we found that nice red "chalet" style hut on Lincoln Mtn open and had a quick snack out of the wind in there...
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    Scroll down to the "Fall Mud Season in VT" post in this forum for a link to GMC's request about muddy trails.

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