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  • Curious as to your report on McCrillis trail from yesterday? Was it really that bad? I worked a day on that trail and we did A LOT of work. I was told the crew was going back the next day to get the upper half. Did the upper half look like no work was done? Of course it is wilderness so we are restricted in what we remove. Thanks.
    Was that you on Tecumseh yesterday? We two went up Sosman and then left the summit via the steep and slippery Tecumseh Trail.
    Unfortunately, the entry qualifications for EMS in Lake Placid are not that steep. When Shin Murnane died, I saw a VERY FAT young man huffing and puffing down the trail to come to his rescue. (It was ultimately a futile rescue, he died instantly). But we were afraid he would be the 2nd victim of the day. Granted he was not SAR, but he was involved in a back country rescue, about 2 miles from a trailhead.
    Thank you very kindly for the green spot -- especially since I was duplicating another entire thread! Much appreciated.
    Thank you for the green square - indeed, there is no need to be anything but civil in this discussion. I have hiked with the Trail Bandit a few times and can say that he does care about the land and the trails and has put countless hours into keeping things beautiful out there. I hope things work out the best for all involved.
    I can generate a map with USFS WMNF roads on top of a topo background faster than i can type this message, then send it to you as a PDF. If you want, send the locale description to [email protected] and I'll shoot you a map.

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