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  • Thanks appreciate the Beta. One of these days I'm gonna nail that thing when I need a SNORKEL!
    I was at the jar in Nov.Did you go up the little pd rd or up Somerset rd?
    Hah, did you see my entry in S Glastenbury? That's a good jar -- goes back quite a bit.. 1986 right?
    Thanks. I would like to get up there some time when we have a nice weather, I bet it is beautiful.
    No, of course not! Always good to get the word around about conditions. I was pleased (and amazed) at the amount of clearing that had been done so quickly after the ice storm - now all we need is for the base to come back. Hopefully the Bellows Pipe will get cleared too, I much prefer that on the ascent to going straight up the T'bolt.
    Sorry to hear that so much damage occurred. I know it does'nt help but I've been there in '98. good luck with it all and remember you guys can always go North!
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