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  • Yes, they did use the term "whoopie" on the Newlyweds show...that show was a blast!!! Its amazing what people will admit too for a shot at a washer/dryer.
    i told you what happened about the drinking accident...and no, i don't jazzercise...mookie asked me to join with him, but that's not really my thing...i'm more of a richard simmons/step aerobics kinda guy...I LOVE LEG WARMERS!!!
    Could you do the 16th :p

    Looks like I'll probably be taking it easy this weekend if I want to finish on the 15th/16th.
    remember the show 'the newlywed game' ? that was the best. didn't they always use the term 'whoopie' ?
    not only can we say it, we can yell it!
    i was so hoping you were going to bring your leftover whoopie pies on the hike :)
    thats all i really wanted
    sounds like somebody we know cant handle his booze!
    i drank plenty and was ready to go at 7AM!
    no, no more cement mixers for me...a bunch of hobgoblins ganged up on me and made me do CC shots with them...damn goblins!!!
    cement mixer is a shot of bailey's with a bit of lime juice added, which makes the bailey's curdle in your mouth...
    oh, wait, isn't that the 15th? isn't there something else going on that weekend? i think i may have a conflict.. dang it
    Oh hell yeah... I was thinking last night about how I could make a kahlua cream or something for the center instead of just frosting :)
    Can you bring whoopee pies (with alcohol of course) for my finish...assuming that you're able to make it?
    what about the one drink where you wipe off all the crap from the bar with a rag at the end of the night and then squeeze the rag into the glass and drink that?
    I just put my shoes in a meat grinder and I'm making hamburgers with them. Do you want some?
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