A couple of crazies on a rainy day... (Tripyramids)


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May 27, 2009
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Mentioned to MadRiver that I still had to do the Tripyramids on my quest for the first round of the 48... He essentially told me NOT to do them without him (I guess he likes this hike :))...

The kiddos were with Daddy this weekend and my usual hiking partner had other committments, so it was the perfect opportunity to take MadRiver up on his "offer" to accompany me up the Tris. Plans were made and we were ready to go... Then we looked at the weather forecast - yucky with a side of yucky... Ok, we'll meet at the trailhead at 0630 and assess ffrom there, if its already raining we'll skip it, but why waste a day if its not actually rainiing?

We get to the trailhead together (amusingly, he pulled out onto the road right behind me) - its sprinkling... Does this mean its raining? Are we made of sugar? Nope, let's give it a go.

Started the long hike in on Livermore Trail. About a mile or so in, the sky opens up and we get a downpour... Oh well, we're wet now, and at least its a warm rain :)

Got to the junction with the North Slide end of Mt Tripyramid trail... hmmm.... MadRiver gives me a sly look, mentions bragging rights, and asks if I want to give it a go in the rain.... Yup, I do. So across the stream we go in search of the slide.

Its a damn good thing I didn't know what we were getting into before we got there, because I'd have been much more nervous about it then I was :) Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

We headed up the debris field, determining that it would be the testing ground, if we had trouble on it, we could turn back and do Scaur Ridge to the summits... yeah, right. Like either of us was really going to turn around ;)
Up up up the slabs we went... woo! Don't look down 'Becca! oops, made that mistake once, kept my head up from then on. We had a couple of spots that we looked at and said "hmmm,, how the hell do we do this?" but, we figured them out and on up we went. Finally we could see the scree, then we could feel it beneath our feet, then it was behind us and we were on to the "easy" part of the trail...

Rick! You didn't tell me we were still going UP!

So, up and up some more we went, and then, all of the sudden, he says, "I believe this is North Tripyramid, I always go over here too, because it seems to be higher"! Damn, I've done it, I've made it up North, on the slide, in the pouring rain! Yes!

Behind us we here the sound of footsteps, what's this? are we not the only ones sick enough to be up here in this stuff? Nope, apparently there's at least one other sicko out there - and, as it turns out, that sicko also did the slide :)

Head over to Middle for a nice break and enjoy a snack and a long drink. I'm feeling good so I playfully ask MadRiver if he'd like to continue on over to Passaconaway and Whiteface today.... I get a no. eh, oh well, I'll do them sometime soon anyway :) Down and back over North we go, making good time despite the wet conditions. Met up with the "cotton kids" as Rick is now calling them - couple of young guys making their way through the list (congrats on number 20 and 21) on North's summit. They had come up from the Kanc and were planning a seperate trip over to Passaconaway later in the day.

Once we finally got onto Scaur Ridge (our chosen route down), it was smooth sailing. Couple of minor blowdowns, but nothing that couldn't be stepped over or walked around.

Got down to the cars in good time and each of us headed to our dry homes.

Enjoyed a shower, admired all my new bruises, and then fell asleep for a couple of hours.
Life is good.

6 More to go!
I see we have some more crazies out there. : Good on ya for not letting the weather stop you!

I did Wildcat D, saturday, in 2 hours flat, starting at 5;15am and hitting the summit of D by 6:30. It's a great workout but the return was slowed tremendously by the wet rocks. It managed to stay dry for the most part on my hike up til I just got below Wildcat E, then it started to shower and I put my rain jacket on...

Glad to know we're not the only crazy ones out there... Your trip sounds like it was fun too :)