ausable club parking?

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dale spring

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Sep 9, 2003
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vermont/longlake ny
not sure exactly where to park for dial and nipple top at the ausable club .i went there last weekend to check it out and it looked like it was near the noonmark trailhead??however, that was a good distance from dial trailhead...
Dale spring,
That’s the parking area. You have to hike up the road up to the Ausable Club. The trail register is just before the gate on the road to Lower Ausable Lake.

so let me get this straight...i drive past the main building '( club house /inn) and do not bear left to the noonmark sign in? so there is another place to park on that road??
dial.../ausable club..

i have checked out the site recommended, the problem is they only say rt 73 to ausable club..i drove over there it is not well marked. I am looking for info to illustrate exactly where to park, due to the 'private' nature ...
As you travel south on Rt. 73 (from Keene/Keene Valley) you will pass by the first entrance (marked as Ausable Club) on the Right Hand Side, (it's private).

Continue on for a few tenth's of a mile and there will be another right that is marked with the typical wooden DEC sign. It is in the same Lot as the Noonmark Lot. As you make the right, there is parking immediatly to your left (large lots). PARK THERE.

Then you must walk UPHILL to the Ausable club area almost to the clubhouse. Just before it, there will be a left (lake road) that leads to "the Gate" and the AMR. The Dial trailhead is .7 miles walk past "the Gate" on the left. It's marked as the LEACH TRAIL TO DIAL/NIPPLETOP.

If you done it right, you car will not see the clubhouse (and THAT IS how they want it). It's easier then it sounds.
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last weekend we drove in, the club house was on our right, we the beared to the left, and parked continued , passed the noonmark trailhead, parked 1/4 mile later is that the spot?It looks like on the map that we park there..however, i was told to pass the club house and stay straight until a gate. however, did not know this until we got back home..sorry but i am so bad with directions!
The entrance there from memory is right on the trough of a large hill at least coming from the thruway. I know when I first parked there I was blazing down the hill and had to really slam on the brakes (after checking my rear view mirror first) to make the turn. We parked at the very first parlking lot on the left as you pull in but if you get there early enough there is another small lot (5 or 6 cars?) further up on the left. Then you do walk up past the golf course, tennis course and a left at the clubhouse to the gate and register...

Dale -

Yes, you were at the right parking lot last week... but the Club would rather not have you drive on their road.

There are actually three separate lots... one where you were; another just a little further down the road, adjacent to the highway (see Lumberzac's map); and another across the highway (for Roaring Brook Trail to Giant).

The public parking lot at St. Hubert's (AMR) is on the Ausable Road, directly opposite the Roaring Brook (Giant) parking lot on Rt. 73.

There is a second "Ausable Road" that connects with it, a little closer to Keene Valley, but that road passes through the private area of the club, past the clubhouse. It's better to just turn onto the more southerly entrance, then the parking lot is immediately on your left. You then will have to walk up the road past the golf course, tennis courts, and clubhouse where you turn left to continue on to the Lake Road that leads to all the trails up to the peaks.

Check out for good trailhead and trails info.