Barren Mountain Maine (AT 100 Mile Wilderness)

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Apr 10, 2012
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Tupper Lake, NY
The weather wasn't clear as forecasted as planned until after we got back to the car. The clouds did provide some good undercast view from the summit though. The black flies are just starting in the Maine mountains. The trail was for the most part dry with the exception of area that are always soft in this area. No snow lingering anymore, not even the sheltered dark north side of the ridge which tends to have lingering pockets fairly late on Barren. I have a more thorough report and pictures at my blog. Nice to get into this area at least before the black fliles take over the next few weeks.
I hike in from the Otter Pond Trailhead a few miles north of the Borestone mtn parking lot. It takes a unmaintained trail less than a mile to the AT less than 1/2 mile north of Long Pond Stream Leanto. Let me know if you want more exact directions.