best "low area" in the whites?

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Sep 30, 2003
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Providence, RI
Howdy. Thinking about trying snowshoeing this winter...but want to ease into rather than try to bag another peak, I'm interested in staying in the valleys and look at the mountains rather than down from them. So what are the best (read: prettiest) areas in the whites to give snowshoeing a try?? I was thinking about maybe cedar brook trail?? Starting at the hairpin and keep going past the hancock loop junction...don't know too much about the "flat" areas...any opinions?? Thanks,

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Lots of woods in the valleys. They tend to block the views. Head for a pond where the views open up. Flat Mountain Pond, Sawyer Pond, Greely Ponds, Russell Pond, Lonesome Lake . . .
I'll definitely second Flat Mountain Pond for a nice walk in the woods with a fine shelter right on the pond for a destination. It's a trip I hope to ski sometime.

But I think one of the finest flat destinations in the Whites is the Zealand Valley. Since Zealand Road will be closed, come up the Ethan Pond Trail from Crawford Notch, pass the pond with its outstanding views to the cliffs of Willey, set up a tent or claim a spot in the shelter, then head out along the trail. It's a fine, flat, easy walk and you can make great time. Stop and overlook the Pemi at Thoreau Falls , then continue out the trail until the valley opens wide as the trail cuts across the foot of Whitewall . Then head back to Ethan Pond in time to catch the sunset over the Bonds.
Church Ponds area ... fantastic views of the Tripyramids, Chocurua(sp?) Passaconaway and others. It a tundra like feeling. Great snowshoe area ... lots of widldlife tracks and deer camps nearby, too. Have fun
Not much of a view on Cedar Brook either. I'd agree with Zealand Valley, also as many have told me, Greeley Ponds is very nice too. While not technically flat, Mt. Willard offers a super view of Crawford Notch area on easy to barely moderate elevation gain.
Three Ponds Trail near Stinson Lake in Rumney NH is a nice flat trail with good views especially from the ponds, You can do a loop taking the Donkey Hill Cutoff Trail to Mt Kineo Trail back to the parking lot.
Steven D. Smith's Ponds & Lakes of the White Mountains has a list of "Recommended Winter Pond Excursions." Several of the destinations mentioned above, and more, will be found there, along with very good trail descriptions. Mr. Smith has also authored the more recent Snowshoe Hikes in the White Mountains, which I haven't read but others have frequently praised.