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May 27, 2009
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Tunbridge, Vermont
Hi All,
While I've been a member here for sometime, I've not been an active poster recently. I'm retired and still spend a good deal of time volunteering for the U.S. Forest Service, White Mountain National Forest. I was greatly involved in the early years of the Trailhead Steward program, and later spread out to assist other efforts. We've finally got John Marunowski, USFS heading up the volunteer effort in NH, providing a focal point. At my age, I'm finding that leading volunteer groups is a great way for me to give the forest more "bang for my buck". In recent years, wildlife activities have taken my time, especially the popular autumn work groups to prune the many apple orchards and wildlife openings in the forest, for the benefit of our critters. It's a popular activity.

Separate from the Forest Service, I also lead an occasional "easy" hike, especially for those who are looking for shorter, less ambitious forays. I often just call them "walks". I've posted them in the site, often on the "over-50" board.

I'm moving to Vermont this month, which is actually closer to the WMNF than my former home in Massachusetts. I have always been passionate about alpine/downhill skiing, which is a dichotomy to my otherwise quiet, non-type-A lifestyle.
Welcome back, If I remember correctly you took the east end of Hancock Notch trail under your wing at one point?.
Indeed I did. It just became too much of a time commitment, a long stretch which took more and more time to get into and out of and back home.
Glad you’re alive n hik’n.

Hope we will “Meet Up“ at some point. That Over 50 is a good group.

Best, Chrisb
The guy who started it, Steve A. early on had planned to call it the Over 60 group but was worried that no one would show up for the events. Since he was based on the Bristol area, his hikes tended to be Lakes Region and the summits with easy access from I93 south of the notches.
On my first hike with Over 50 I told them there was no Over 70 meet up group so I had to go with the Over 50.

They laughed and said you're in good company with us.
Hi Bill
I lived in Tunbridge a little over 30 years ago where I built a cabin and was there for a couple of years. For fun I was maintaining a section of the Long Trail a little north of Killington. At the time I really wanted to live closer to the White Mtns. and in NH, now I regret leaving VT. It was a good place to be as you had the choice of either the Green or the White Mtns. without too much effort. For a period before I left, I was trying to hike Camels Hump every Sunday.
The town was all farming and cows back then, and I used to suffer terrible hay fever, as I lived high up on the western slope of the eastern ridges, and it seemed all the pollen laden air pushed up over us. That made it easier to come to the forests of NH.
We LOVED that trail! Went last spring from the Hancock parking lot. We went as far as that opening where you can see Mt. Huntington. What a beautiful area! Hope to go back this year from the other side (Sawyer River Trail) to get the part we missed. The section we traveled still looks great!
FYI, the Sawyer RIver end of Hancock Nothc trail got hit hard by a high water event several years ago. There is a major washout to be crossed. The upper sections of the trail as you approach the notch from the east tends to be very wet, definitely save it for a dry spell. I think that is why its not a real popular trail. summer trail.
Thanks, I saw the pictures on line and when we did Sawyer River Trail a few years ago, we saw a little of the beginnings of that mess. We haven't "traced" it yet. Will go on a hot day and put the Tevas on!
three of us xc skied the loop with a car spot a couple of decades ago finding the east side essentially a bushwhack, so with the Billski’s trail maintenance and recent snowfall, maybe it is time to try it again.