Boston Globe: Climber involved in mountain rescue recounts lessons learned above the tree line of Mt. Washington

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It came up and looked like a paywall but I closed the notice in the upper left hand corner of the notice and it let me scroll down
I'm still not clear on the route they took down. Across Westside to the Cog or down Ammo. They mentioned in one report that the cog couldn't stay long at Westside because of fuel issues, so did they hike over and time the train to their arrival.
Plus one report said the victim did much better once they descended a ways. But going from LOTC is uphill, and not a lot shorter than just dropping down Ammo.
In the initial report they left Lakes around 930, reaching treeline within a couple hundred yards, and the base by 11.
Interesting that this is the second journalist reporting Fish and Game was rough on the victim. I call it being realist.
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Not much new. I can't believe Joe Lentini is still at it. He was in that game when I started out in the early 80"s, very impressive. He ran the EMS climbing school for years as well as being on SAR.
Joe was just at Kennett High last Friday for a mini film festival that among other things included a short film on the Hugh Herr rescue.