Can I climb Graham and Doubletop?

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Tom Rankin

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Sep 28, 2004
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Bloomville, New York
It depends.

If you live in one of the nearby counties, you can call (see other threads) and get permission. If not, the land owners are not allowing access. If your goal is to join the Catskill 3500 Club, you can climb 2 alternate peaks:

Millbrook Ridge - Located near Balsam Lake Mountain (a hike from Alder Lake is also possible, but the parking lot is closed for the winter). This peak can count for the Catskill 100 Highest as well.

South Doubletop - The South peak of Doubletop, not a countable peak, but a temporary alternative (we hope).

In both cases, please avoid private property when climbing these peaks.

More info from the club website.
Just a random time to post Tom or was there people trespassing over the weekend? or time to remind the winter peakbaggers...

Anyone going should abide by the rules.
I just forgot to post it when it was announced. My other Catskill post prompted me. It has been this way for several months. They also close to EVERYONE during hunting season now.