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I was asked to post this reply to Tom Rankin's comment about The Catskill Mountaineer site. It's founder, Mike Cantwell isn't a member here but wanted this in reply:

In regards to "Mike P." post #14, "the fastest route up Slide is by a trail named on Slide in their honor. ". This route is not the fastest, nor the shortest way up Slide Mountain.
Catskill Mountaineer's, "Slide Mountain Wilderness Area" Page list the following:
Slide Mountain - 5.86 mile trip - 3.50 hours. Moderate. Good views from the summit of Slide Mountain. Slide is the highest mountain in the Catskill Mountains.
Slide Mountain (Curtis-Ormsbee Trail) - 6.90 mile trip - 4.50 hours. Difficult. Good views from the summit of Slide Mountain and along the Curtis-Ormsbee Trail. Slide is the highest mountain in the Catskill Mountains.
Both routes start at the Rt 47 Parking Area near Winnisook Lake. I am sure Mike P, just made an honest mistake.
In regards to Tom Rankin's post #15, "If you got that data from Catskill Mountaineer, I'm not surprised, because it's incorrect, unless you start at Denning, but that's the long side.".
First - Catskill Mountaineer has never had a page for the hike from Denning PA to the summit of Slide Mountain. Nor, has it had one in the past. That route is about 10.5 miles.
Second - As you can see above, Catskill Mountaineer does list the Burrough's Trail as the shortest and fastest DEC trail route to the summit of Slide Mountain. Surely a honest mistake on Mike P's part.
I first hiked Slide Mountain in the Fall of 1965. It was my favorite during the late 1970's and early 1980's. I have hiked, skied, and run on it maybe 500+ times in my lifetime from various directions. So, I guess I know a little bit about the mountain.