Darn Tough Sale Canceled for the third year in row


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Sep 3, 2003
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Gorham NH

Bummer, my inventory was getting low.

The founder of the business and his employees used to be really into the sales. He handed it off the next generation of management and I think they seemed to be less interested the sale and made some changes like pulling the warranty on the seconds. Many VT children will not be getting a back of darn tough socks for Christmas again this year, another tradition ruined by Covid:)
Good for them. I know lots of people like to say that the pandemic is "over", whatever that means. One of my best friends is being hit hard right now with covid so yeah, it's still very much a thing. Be safe, friends!
Contrary to popular belief, folks are still ending up on in the hospital and some are still dying of Covid. Far better odds of ending up in hospital than even winning a third tier prize on Powerball. Cabot Hosiery mills did have it rough during the pandemic staffing their manufacturing operations and had several closures. My guess is they, like every other employer is running short handed and getting ready and staffing for the sock sale is a major effort that they would have tough time supporting. If you have ever been to one, it is all hands on deck for the employees for two weekends from 7 AM to into the evening dealing with thousands of customers. It was not unusual for folks to wait a couple of hours to get into the sale area and even with attempts to limit the number of people on the floor at any given time, it would get shoulder to shoulder. Pretty much a super spreader event in the making.
When I worked at EMS last winter our store could not get product from Darn Tough. We had to eventually remove their display rack cause it was perpetually empty despite many customers requesting the product.
Ragged Mountain Equipment also scaled back this Fall and did not have their annual Columbus Day Weekend Sale for the first time in decades. My guess it was due to lack of staffing. They did have a nice booth at the Fryeburg Fair that same weekend.