Evans Notch and other closures in WMNF


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Nov 8, 2003
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If it ain't snowin' there, we ain't goin' there.
FYI, especially if Evans Notch figures in your plans late this fall. This has appeared on the WMNF Current Conditions page:


Update 10/31/08: Maine DOT will close Evans Notch Road (Route 113) at both ends from November 14, 2008, to May 1, 2009, due to a bridge replacement project over Little Lary Brook. This road is normally closed for the winter beginning about December 1 (depending on weather). Once snow falls, the bridge repair will prohibit snowmobilers from entering the state trail system from Route 2.

All seasonal fee sites on the Androscoggin Ranger District are now closed. The Great Gulf and 19 mile parking lots are open year round. Crocker Pond campground is not gated, but there is no fee, bathroom, water, or dumpster in the winter. Barnes Field is in winter mode: $10 per vehicle. No reservations.

The Brickett Place Historic Homestead is closed for the season. Visitors are still welcome to explore the outside of the building and use the parking area.

The Russell-Colbath Homestead is closed for the season. Visitors are still welcome to explore the outside of the buildings, visit the Town cemetery, and hike the Rail N' River Trail.

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Update: Temporary Trail Closure: Hales Location/Red's Trail. Closure has been extended to the end of the season.

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Four bridges over the South Branch of the Gale River on South Gale River Road (Forest Road 92), part of the Gale River Loop, are closed from the Garfield trailhead to Route 3. Hikers wishing to reach the Gale River and Garfield trailheads should use North Gale River Road (FR 25).

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Alcohol Prohibited at Upper and Middle Falls of the Ammonoosuc River in Crawfords Purchase per Forest Supervisor's Order. More.

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Blasting on Route 2, Bethel-Gilead area. Construction is underway in the vicinity of the Pleasant River Bridge, extending two miles west of the bridge. Blasting will take place from 2-4 PM on weekdays through the fall and into the winter, with long delays possible during these times. Maine DOT and the Town of Bethel are working together to ensure traffic will be able to use the North Road during these times. There is currently utility work underway on the North Road. Motorists may want to seek alternate routes including Routes 5, 302, and 16. We regret this inconvenience and urge motorists to drive safely and courteously.

* * * * *

Ore Hill Mine site remains closed to unauthorized persons by Forest Supervisor Order. Hikers on the Appalachian Trail (AT) and other trails in this area of the western WMNF are not affected, but should be aware of this closure. Details and map.
Thanks for that update. The closure should keep my end of 113 a bit quieter and nicer for skiing this winter. Something else to look forward to...assuming I can get through the construction on RT 2.

RT 113 Update, 28 Dec 08

We drove over to Evan's Notch this afternoon (north end) for a short walk and to check out the bridge situation. Parking is still available at the usual spot just north of the winter gate. The road is plowed to the bridge and the bridge is gone. There are a few construction vehicles on site.

Most importantly: There is a temporary, but very stable, pedestrian bridge. We had no difficulty getting across and then donning our snowshoes.

The road south from the bridge has been snowmobiled, skied, and snowshoed. The Roost Trail was not broken out.


I was thinking of heading over to the Notch for some snowshoeing this afternoon and called the WMNF to ask about using the ped. bridge during work hours. I was told that due to "liability concerns" that the bridge was "closed" to the public this winter. Granted, I'll still go on the weekends when no one is around to say no, but it sounds like mid-week would be a bad idea.