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Sep 7, 2003
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Canton, NY
I'm driving to Gore Mountain tomorrow morning. I'm starting in Rochester. Mapquest says to get off in Utica and take NY-8 to the mountain (for a total of about 5 hours of driving). How long does it take to get to Gore from Albany. Would it be faster for me to drive to Albany and get on the Northway? Thanks!!!

I haven't done that drive by taking Route 8 at Utica, so this is just a guess, but it's an educated one, at least, having made the Rochester - Albany drive many times, and being pretty familiar with the way up to Gore.

I don't think the Thruway-to-Northway-to-Warrensburg route is noticeably shorter, but I'll bet it's not any longer, either, and it may be an easier drive given that more of it is on interstate highways. So, if it were me, I'd probably do it via the Northway just to make the drive a little easier.
Utica to 8 is the best way for you to go. I live in Oswego, and I go through mexico to rome, then 365 to 8. When you get to speculator, take the right and go that way. If you are early on the roads, traffic is not bad. If it's a weekday with school bus traffic, it can be a long trip.
Albany - Gore driving

I live just north of Albany (Exit 8A of the Northway -I87) and it takes about 1hr 15 minutes. Add another 10 minutes from the junction of the Thruway (87/90) exit 24. I have to believe it would be faster for you to go north in Utica. Through roads are well maintained and except for in the towns you can go 55 MPH most of the way. Have fun.
Alrighty - sounds like going through Speculator would be the better bet. Thanks and have a good weekend everyone!

I often leave work in Rochester and drive up to Keene Valley via Rt. 8. My route is to take I-90 to the Verona Exit (Rt. 365) and follow 365 through Rome, continuing to the end where I turn left onto Rt. 8. I don't recall the drive time, but it seems like the best way to go.
For anyone who's interested - going up Rt. 8 to Gore is indeed much faster then taking the Northway. We didn't go back that way due to the weather and a hope that the Northway would be plowed (it wasn't, but I think it was a wise decision to avoid Rt. 8). The skiing at Gore was awsome.

I haven't been there this season, but if they get alot of snow the glades there are top notch. There is a section called burnt ridge backcountry that is a must ski. You have to hike a bit, but worth every turn you earn.
Mr. O, care to give us a Gore conditions report? I'm headed up that way this coming weekend and trying to figure out if I should ski at the area or try to do something else...


No problem. Gore, at least last weekend, was AMAZING. I'm probably a little biased 'cause I've never ridden there before. But the snow was really good, they'd had about 5 inches last Thursday night and they've been kicking butt on the snow makin. There were a few bare spots on the trail 'Showcase', but most of the mountain was really just great. They groomed 'Lies' (a double diamond) the second day we were there, really sick trail. I believe that they've had more snow but the weather later this week might shut down some of their terrain, looks pretty sketchy (rain, temps in the 40s and 50s). If you do go - have a great time. I won't make it back there until march I don't think.

I can answer some of the questions asked in this post...
I skied at Gore this past Friday (Jan 7th) and the conditions were amazing! As someone had said in an earlier post they had gotten about 5 inches of snow the day before. Considering how bad this winter has been snow wise I was amazed to find that they had a pretty good base and the snow was really good. They also had the snow guns going.
The Drive:
I live near Rome, NY and have found that the quickest way is to take the Verona, Rome exit and take 365E until it ends and meets 8. Then take 8, through speculator and all the way to Gore. From turning stone casino (the verona, rome exit on I90) to Gore it takes me a little less than 2 hours.