forced to bareboot by MSRs

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I had a very good friend with whom I used to do a lot of snowshoeing. He was 5'5" and 140# soaking wet, I'm 6'3" and 225#. His snowshoes were a Tubbs only 24" and left a much narrower track than my 36" Tubbs mountaineers. The little bugger was no help at all in breaking out a trail, and he was in better shape so he was always ahead of me. I had him shot.
I sympathize with your dilemma.
BUT The Denalis are the shoe of choice among mountaineers and thats not going to chage for good reasons.
My Sherpas have been sitting in the rack in my hiking room for 5 years....
The Denals with flotation tails are fine for me 270 pounds with full winter pack. This year the crust probaly hardened around the Denali print causing the problem.
Its frustrating Its tough enough out there without other things coming up.
I would however arrest postholers or make them walk barefoot the last mile to the car.