Gunstock Mountain Resort Presents Master Development Plan

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Jan 29, 2007
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Gunstock Mountain Resort presented its proposed Master Development Plan on Saturday:

Gunstock Presents $45.5 Million Expansion Proposal -


Skiable terrain would increase from 227 to 415 acres. An auto road would be constructed to the summit, overlapping with the Overlook/Saddle/Brook (Belknap Range Trail) hiking trails. The road would also serve rental cabins and mid-mountain hotel.

The Backside complex would run across the Ridge Trail and Gunstock Mountain Trail.
That's a sizable expansion. The addition of an Auto rd and the hotels is interesting. The Brook trail is one of my favorites, hopefully it stays mostly intact.
I don't think this will get very far.

Half of the Belknap County Commissioners usually want to rid the county of this financial albatross and don't think the state or county should be in the "recreation industry." That's the private domain!!