Hancock Notch Trail (after Cedar Brook) to Sawyer River Trail


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Jul 2, 2020
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Littleton, NH
Did the Hancocks Sunday 7/12 with my brother and then continued on Hancock Notch Trail to Sawyer River Trail.

After the junction with Cedar Brook, the Hancock Notch Trail was trimmed and pretty easy to follow. There are yellow blazes frequently and someone has done some trimming early this year or last year, so it was not overgrown. However, the trail follows drainages for some time and we were walking in ankle to knee-deep flowing water for a mile or two. Several stream crossings were about knee deep, but not flowing very quickly. But since the heavy rain on Tuesday I would be cautious crossing by the confluence of the Sawyer River branches (where the washout is). It wasn't terrible for us, but it is likely worse now.

Be prepared to get wet and find plenty of mosquitoes closer to the Sawyer River Trail.

Sawyer River Trail was uneventful, with one easy stream crossing of the Swift River closer to the Kanc by the cascades.