hand warmers


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I've used something similar: http://www.amazon.com/Platinum-Catalyst-Flameless-Hand-Warmer/dp/B000CGG5EC

It is liquid fuel, though, not sold fuel. It works very well as long as there's fuel in it (duh!), but it's a pain to have to bring extra fuel if you're traveling on a longer trip. The one I used had a little felt case to carry it in, and became very, very warm (warmer than the chemical warmers). As I recall, though, there were a few times where it couldn't bit lit, for whatever reason. Then it's a real bummer carrying a heavy piece of cold metal around with you.
I've used one of these before. They do provide nice heat. The down side is that they also give off an odor of burning charcoal. It will make your coat smell. I used it often while ice fishing and would keep it in my coat pocket. It was an old beat up winter coat that I didn't care about getting dirty or smelly. I would not carry this in my pack or any of my hiking shells. Mike
I have one and have used it. The pluses as compared to the single use heaters is that it is cheaper and is re-usable. The minuses are that it is heavier (4 oz vs. a fraction of an oz) and bulkier. I haven't noticed any smell. Obviously it wouldn't work as a toe warmer.
I like the reusable thing. It seems hard to light and I have to light both ends to get it warm enough. Is this typical?

I've only tried it 1x so far.

The liquid fuel one's look interesting.
Are you lighting it with the fuel stick in the case? I hold one end of the fuel stick and light the other end, then put the fuel stick in the case.
I've used the liquid fuel type in the past and it worked pretty good. The only problem is it will leak a small amount of fuel if you over fill it. Sort of like a Zippo lighter. I have never used it while hiking though. Only during ice fishing or watching a high school football game where I'm mostly standing still.
Those hand warmers stink... I mean really smell bad. They give off a burning chemical odor n will stink up your clothes. I prefer the old fashion Ronson fuel style hand warmers.