In Memory Of: What's On the Mind of a Trailworker

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It was a real treat to read this touching story. I too have known some really wonderful trail people in the last 30+ years in the trails business.
Your post brought back a thought that we Trailwrights once talked about doing which was to build a memorial cairn in honor of those maintainers who have gone before us, a stone for each one. we couldn't come up with a place to build it so we kind of put it on the back burner. Maybe it is time to bring it back and do it. Anyway thank you for the nice story.
Any thoughts anyone?

I must say that sounds like an incredible idea. It would be quite an enduring testimony. I just shudder at what it could possibly involve to accomplish it, red tape, etc, etc. Obviously there are many places such a memorial would not be legal. Maybe something could be dedicated that already exists. When you mention a "place" what kind of ideas had you come up with, I mean as opposed to a specific spot.

I am only trying to revisit an idea that we dicussed at a Trailwright meeting years ago.
We discussed places like bald Mt.,on Belknap at the overlook above the carriage rd. because of the ease of family members being able to get to the spot to place a rock etc. getting permission from the State or Forest Service is probably not possible.But maybe it is.
Your idea of dedicating some thing already in exhistance has merit but I thought a CAIRN would be fitting also.Maybe an exhisting one.
Vandalism etc. will always be a problem but life is full of challenges.
Again just looking for suggestions and ideas,and maybe some will not like the idea.
A good start may be to start a list of names like Guy Waterman etc.
How about Thunderstorm jct. built by I believe Dick Hamilton with help from the A.M.C. Mtn. Leadership School years ago.[hard to get to]
I just thought it would be a good idea to Honor those who left us such a good HERITAGE by those who cared so much as we do.
Thanks for the reply and the ideas on leads. I may just delve into to see what the process is.