Jennings Peak (4/17)

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Mar 5, 2012
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Got out to enjoy the warm weather with a hike up Jennings Peak on Sunday. We went up Drakes Brook and down Sandwich Mtn. Water crossings were all fine. Drakes Brook was clear with a little mud until about halfway between the ski trail and the ridge. Once the trail stops having patchy ice blobs and goes to nearly solid ice, it's time to put on traction. A couple of the very steep sections at the beginning of the switchbacks were very tricky to navigate in microspikes. The spur over to Jennings has just as much ice on it, and the steep bit to the summit ledges required confidence in the microspikes. The summit was completely dry and warm with beautiful views. Sandwich Mtn Trail has patchier ice, but is just as tricky as Drakes Brook. Whereas Drakes Brook was almost completely ice for the upper half, Sandwich Mtn keeps changing from dry rock to water ice. On the Sandwich Mtn Trail below Jennings Peak, all the northern (downhill on the way down) aspects are covered in ice, but the flatter sections and rocky outcrops are clear. If the nights stay clear and cold, I imagine the ice will persist for another week or more.

Special equipment needed: traction (microspikes passable, crampons suggested)

Trails used: Drakes Brook, Sandwich Mtn, Jennings Peak spur
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