Jigger Johnson


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Great links! Definitely a character for sure. I think during his Fire Warden days he manned both Middle Sister and Carter Dome Fire Towers. Going by the stories of his off work antics it's probably a good thing he wasn't around for the early years of VFTT. Especially the Dolly Copp Winter gatherings.
There must be is PR campaign being built up and various articles are "popping" up in the media. Nevertheless an interesting character.

My guess is if he ran into a bunch of modern hikers he would call them pu**ys or the correct vulgarity of the times;)
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Looking at the Carter Dome picture, it looked like they had a view there once also. (Kind of like Hale did in the 60's and 70's as we saw in the 52 without a view thread)
I can remember reading a story about him years ago. He was visiting a friend, who I believe was Joe Dodge, at his cabin in a snowstorm. He was cold so he scooped the ashes to the side in the fireplace and sat down next to the fire to warm himself up.