Maine 2021 - Solo P2K Peakbagging

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This was a really great read! I loved your commentary and writing style. Well done!
Awesome photos! That was cool to check out. Nice work man!!!!!
A couple comments -
Number 4 mountain is one of the most outrageously remote trailheads, if not the most remote trailhead, in the Northeast.
It was odd - it felt like the Number 4 mountain trail never really gained much elevation whatsoever, (even though it does), and then next thing you know, you're at the top. Awesome Maine peak.

Whitecap is one of my favorite mountains in all the Northeast.

Doubletop is amazing, just like every 3K in Baxter. Awesome views. I love your photo of it - so sharp.
Thank you dug and Northeast P2K completer SpencerVT! I actually had no original intentions of writing a report for this trip but a couple of days after I got home, I realized that I had quite a lot to say about it all and just started typing completely out of nowhere. As the saying goes, writing is easy when you love what you’re writing about. Totally dig Spencer’s commentary on Number Four Mountain and White Cap. :)
Thanks Barkingcat and kerry 13! In terms of the beta that I found online for some of these hikes as well as other lightly visited New England P2K peaks, I have to give a shout out to Quincy Koetz … whose reports I’ve found to be dead-on accurate. His accounts are from the mid-2010s and I have his Kibby write-up bookmarked right now. I believe he has relocated to California but he is a New England Fifty Finest completer.

Also just realized I placed Smarts Mountain in Vermont during my intro section (now corrected). Funny only because I joked that I was going to “New Vermont” for this hike (super close to the border) so as to avoid a travel related COVID test upon my re-entry to NY. ;)
Thanks guys! I may not be as high volume as some others here but I feel like the diversity of what I go after stands up pretty well. Thanks again for reading as well as for your positive comments. :)