Mt Abraham Trail (Strong, ME) accessible by vehicle in winter?

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Mar 15, 2018
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Jackman, ME
I’m looking for fairly strenuous snowshoeing day hikes within a couple hours of home, and Mt Abraham Trail in Strong popped up. The map shows all but the last 0.8 miles or so as being hard surface and packed dirt, but the last bit is labeled as a 4WD trail. I have a Jeep so as long as the snow isn’t 2 feet deep I should be OK. If not, our hike will be 1.6 miles longer. Any up to date info is appreciated.
Thanks, it’d help if all apps used the same names for the same trails but AllTrails doesn’t show this under “Fire Warden’s Trail.” I guess there are too many of those.
Glad to know there is a bridge there now. Back in 2012 or so, we went once and the ice was extremely thin, and we did not dare cross. A few weeks later, we went back and followed snowmobile tracks over the water!
A few years ago we were able to hitch a ride to the summer trailhead in an F150. It was early in the season (late December or early January). Like Tom says, eventually the logging roads (bridges or no bridges) become snowmobile trails and will likely be impassible to vehicles due to deep snow. Back then (2015/16 winter I think?) the road was getting overgrown and was scratching the side of the truck.

Of all the Rangely 10 pack peaks, only the ski area accessible routes (Saddleback/Horn, Sugarloaf/Spaulding) retain access to their summer trailheads.