Mt. Carrigain via Sawyer River Rd, Bushwhack, and Signal Ridge Trail

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NH Tramper

Apr 10, 2012
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North Conway, NH Avatar: Cannon Mtn.
Date of Hike: Jun 3, 2012

Trail Conditions: Sawyer River Rd is being repaired and rebedded, but you could already see small rivulet washes from the hard rains the night before. The Bushwhack was left of the bridge to just past the first river crossing, roughly 0.1-0.2 mi. Water levels on the river were quite high, the river raging, dangerously so. The bushwhack seemed to be the most logical choice. The two other river crossings on Signal Ridge Trail were doable, but only by wading: rolled up pant legs/shorts, put on water shoes, crossed and froze feet, temporarily. The trail was wet and muddy. There was lots of standing and running water; on the trail, next to the trail, even under the trail in some places higher up. There were a couple of blowdowns down low, one fairly large requiring a big up and over to pass. There were also a couple higher up and they looked pretty fresh, possibly from the big gusts the day before, but these were an easy pass. There were also a couple of older blowdowns higher up that could knock someone in the head if they didn't see them coming. Otherwise this was a good trail, fun and rewarding.

Special Equipment Required: None.

Comments: I could have done without the walk up the road but it went fast as I was in the good company of Earl and Sue so we had good conversation. It was an enjoyable hike, the rain held off until our descent. That helped make the hike more comfortable. Met some likable guys hiking up while on our descent on Signal Ridge. Learned they were from the town next to mine. Small world. Hi guys. Signal Ridge was beautiful, despite having very limited visibility. Awesome trail, awesome hike, awesome companions. A good day!

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
Nottingham NH
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