Mt Tremont & Owl's Cliff Mtn via Mt Tremont, Brunel, & Owl's Cliff Spur Trails - 9/22

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NH Tramper

Apr 10, 2012
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North Conway, NH Avatar: Cannon Mtn.
Mt Tremont & Owl's Cliff Mtn via Mt Tremont, Brunel, & Owl's Cliff Spur Trails - 9/22

Date of Hike: Sep 22, 2014

Trail Conditions: At first the Mt Tremont Trail was fairly sedate. A comfortable grade alongside an unnamed Saco tributary. As I approached the switchbacks, however, the grade steepened sharply and the damp surface offered many rather slippery rocks and roots. A typical White Mountains trail, in other words. The crossings were easy, and the few blowdowns I encountered weren't a problem. Most were easy-over. I do recall one I had to stoop under. The trail was well marked and easy to follow, though could use a little TLC. Brunel Trail, at least the part to Owl's Cliff Mtn was poorly marked and could potentially be difficult to follow if one isn't paying attention. It obviously gets little use. This was a rather steep trail with poor footing. Much of the treadway was featureless gravel and thus slippery. I had to pick my steps. There were also a lot of fallen leaves -- from last year -- adding the trail's objective dangers. There were a couple of more significant blowdowns on this section of trail. The Owl's Cliff Spur to the summit was easy to follow and in reasonable shape. I did bushwhack to the actual summit (the trail bypasses it in favor of the cliff) and I signed the jar-contained logbook. The rest of the trail, from Owl's Cliff Mtn down to the road, was actually in great shape, well-marked where it needed to be, and a really nice bit of somewhat secluded trail. It did have a few blowdowns in this section but they were easy to deal with. I followed the road out to the last mile then hopped on the old Rob Brook Trail to Bear Notch Road. I got a ride from a friend (who actually walked up the trail to meet me).

Special Equipment Used: None, though I did have trekking poles.

Comments: I hiked this one for fun. That said, the peak does happen to be on the 52WAV list and I do happen to "need" it for that list. Moreover, I did happen to need these trails for Redline... but other than that it was just for fun and exercise. After all, I have to train for the winter climbs I'll guide on the Rock Pile. :)

Mike "Tramper" Cherim
North Conway NH