New Hampshire snow in the 3000'-4000' range?

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The clouds just lifted in Gorham a bit. I see fresh snow on the trees around 2500 feet on Madison.
The clouds are now well over the summits. Definitely an accumulation of new snow that is going to take awhile to melt off. Franconia Ridge was snow covered from about Galehead up the ridge all the way down to Haystack and down past Shining Rock. Its probably going to be a "drippy" day tomorrow in the woods. up high. NH DOT has not put up the parking barriers or signs in the parkway around Lafayette place. Given the forecast I expect they will be needed tommorrow.
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Quoted From The RMC's FB Page:
Snow levels reached close to 30 inches at Gray Knob, now melting and expected to continue melting in the coming days. Temperature was in the high 20s- low 30’s, now it is rising somewhat.
Above treeline, there is quite a bit of snow and ice, with occasional bare patches. Generally there is about a foot of snow with deeper drifts and ice. Near the summits it’s more like 2 feet. This may be melting next few days but it’s still a considerable amount.
There are areas of slush in the lower alpine zones. Winter gear is appropriate, micro spikes, goggles. Crampons may also be necessary for certain steep areas.
There is snow for about a half mile below treeline. It only becomes deep really in the quarter mile or so below the camps, and the lower snow is already melting. For most of the hike up you will want boots and gaiters for the mud, possibly spikes for traction on the snow and ice above.
28 inches at the stake
Sunny days expected throughout the weekend and week to come. Mud below and ice above, this is one of your last chances this year to experience alpine winter conditions here. Water crossings have been high due to many days of rain, are lower now, and will continue to fluctuate as if melts. If concerned, use Lowe’s Path to avoid water crossings.
Please note that trail conditions can change very quickly in the Northern Presidentials. The conditions posted on this page may have changed since they were recorded. Always check local forecasts before you leave the trailhead, and be sure to check out the higher summits forecast on the @mwobs webpage.
BTW, the "Seven" in Kings Ravine is now just a small patch of snow, probably gone in the next few days.