partners wanted for Pico de Orizaba (18k, Mexico) late December '12

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Nov 5, 2009
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Groton, MA
I've got a decent chunk of time off work from 12/21 thru at least 1/2 and Pico de Orizaba (Mexico) has been on my to-do list for the better part of a year. Naturally finding partners willing to give up xmas with family has been difficult. Ideally I'd envision flying directly into Puebla, doing 2 warm ups on La Malinche (14k) and if time permits Izta (17k). No guide but I'd rely heavily on local outfitters for transportation and off-mountain accommodations for safety and simplicity. If scheduling permits I'd have a dirt cheap place to stay in the nearby port city of Veracruz via family timeshare for a day or two of well-earned relaxing. So who am I looking for in a partner? Ideally 1-2 people with a summit of Rainier, Hood, or equivalent and some mountaineering training would be fantastic. If you don't have that under your belt but smoke marathons or do gargantuan day hikes and have a good bit of winter experience (read: endurance) then you might still be fine on a straightfoward climb like Orizaba. I'm posting here versus cascade climbers b/c I place a lot of stock in being able to do some training hikes together to get a feel for one and another.

Thanks for reading & hope you're interested!
pcushing21 at yahoo dot com
Nice, must have been before Popo woke up--that one will be eluding us. And yes, there'll be at least 2 of us going--should be fun!
Sounds like you're definately on for this year. This is on my list but won't be able to go in 2012. I took last x-mas off for Ecuador and am leaving for Thankgiving already, so I can't be gone in December again this year. If this gets put off to a future year let me know. I've actually been to 10K on Popo, but that was in a van...that was just before it erupted too. Too bad it looked nice.

Hope you have a good trip and will look for the pictures.
Bombadil, this trip sounds very intriguing. Although I'm unable to attend, I would certainly welcome training runs in the whites and preparation for a grand expedition like this further in the future.