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  • Thanks for the greenie, Jen. I am on day 83 post-transplant and on target. Energy's not bad and I do sneak out for some hikes, but can't tell my doctor!
    Guilty!! I think I propelled via the wrong end earlier in the day, should have should more for later... What can I say, slow digestion system, make a slow hiker :p.

    There isn't a right forum for L&F, we allow a single post and then we lock it. Nothing wrong, it's the way we handle it.
    Thanks so much Jen : ) Fantastic to meet you and hike with you, and those fruity treats were so very well timed. Looking forward to hiking again soon!
    Hi Jen - I'm getting anxious just sitting on the sidelines!!! I graduate in May and can't wait to get back at it! I did a 3+ mile hike on the Long Trail in Stowe last weekend and it felt awesome, but let me know how out of shape I am in. Hope you are well and see you on the trail next summer : ) Hanna
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