Piermont Mountain 14 October 2018


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Jan 1, 2005
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I visited 2717’ Piermont summit previous June for the first time from Camp Walt Whitman. The camp was just opening and many camp staff were busy readying the facility for the summer season. I stopped and approached a work party preparing the clay tennis courts. A young woman offered to show me trail head for Private Ritchie Green Memorial Trail. We hopped in golf cart and she showed me the TH and instructed where to park my car. She said they would be getting out on the trail at some point to brush it.

She returned me to my car where I suited up and started my hike. The summit ledge proved to be wonderful. The view to east consisted of many miles of hardwood forest and lakes and ponds stretching 9 miles to west slope Mount Moosilauke. I resolved to come back in October and hopefully catch this view in peak foliage. I also noticed the trail continues in northerly direction along the ridge. I followed it for a ¼ mile or so through some very pleasant birch/hobblebush glades. I was very tempted to continue, but turned back.

I returned Sunday 10.15.2018 to Camp Walt Whitman and found very different scene. A chain was across the road and sign informed me I was welcome to park in front of the gate and hike the mountain. I thought the trail could use some brushing so I pulled out my hand loppers. The trail rises to a plateau where it levels out and traverses some wet areas. The trail bed in this area was entrenched and difficult to drain and had some significant standing water making it tough to keep my feet dry.

The trail climbs steeply through hardwood forest after traversing this area. Then reaches a steep ledge requiring bit of scrambling and suddenly you enter a forest birch glades and spruce. The spruce forest was encroaching on the trail pretty badly in approach to the summit ledge so devoted 45-60 minutes brushing this section of trail. I arrived at the summit with some sizable blisters from all the hand lopping I did. I laid my pack down to relax and enjoy the view. I found I’d missed peak as 30% of the foliage was down in woods in valleys below. Still was mighty fine day to be on a mountaintop.

Before long Al and Julie join me to share the view. Being in no hurry we spend 45 mins chatting. They love this area too and have been coming here for years. We speculated about the trail that continues along ridge. We both had heard or read reports about a trail that starts by ball fields on Route 25C at Kingswood Camp and agree road walk back to Camp Whitman would be very long. We discuss options for car spots and doing a Mount Piermont traverse. I said my goodbyes and took Al’s email address and saying perhaps we should do this some time.

I ended up following the trail all the way to point where it descended down to logging road at 1900’ elevation. The road appeared to be heading southerly direction toward a log landing by the oblong pond. It was late so I passed on that and headed in northerly direction and followed road all the way 25C. Problem for me was road did not lead to Kingswood playing fields, but almost made it to Lake Catherine which translated into very long road walk. I walked all the way to the boat launch on Tarleton where fortunately I encountered a couple who stopped to view the lake and Moosilauke in setting sun. They offered to ferry me back to my car at Camp Whitman. I stopped at Kingswood fields cruising the boundaries to see if I could find beginnings of a trail, but no soap. I was in hurry so I might have missed point where kingswood trail left logging road. My GPS software indicates it is only .25 mile from fields to log road so it would be easy bush whack. Since I already have done the trail not sure when I’d want to do it again, but this is a great area and I do plan to come to explore it more. It shouldn't be difficult to craft a lollipop loop by following the road to oblong pond and return to Whitman trail. This would avoid the car spot.

Some shots of views of Moosilauke in Spring. You can also see Webster Slide Mt and Mount Mist in foreground.


Some shots of views of Moosilauke in fall. You can also see Webster Slide Mt and Mount Mist in foreground.


View towards north with Black Mountain, Sugarloaf, The Hogback


View towards the south with Carr Mountain Ridge