Plane wreck Mt. Cleveland, Vermont

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Jan 21, 2004
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Burlington, Vermont
I was poking around in the Breadloaf Wilderness and found a small plane wreck about .8 miles off the Long Trail along the NE ridge of Mt. Cleveland. The plane had been gutted but the superstructure was in tact. Hopefully the pilot survives.
Do you recall if it was a single or double engine? Low or high-winged? Might it have originally looked like a Piper PA-23 ?
Interesting. It's always fascinating to find unexpected pieces of history. Do you have any pictures of the plane? I know that there are all sorts of lists of plane crashes. You may be able to find out more about the incident online.
is it in the direction of E.Cleveland aka Unamed pk Moss Glen Falls pk?
Plane wreck on Mt. Cleveland, VT

Single engine, dual controls side by side, low wing position.

This is a very interesting find. I find nothing in either NTSB records or from the old Vermont Department of Aeronautics files. Likewise, I find nothing in my (rather extensive) Vermont crash files. Neither of Vermont's two crash investigators from the 1940s to 1980s recalls any crashes in this area.

The closest known crash was a military surplus BT-13 in 1949. In this case the plane came down in the Texas Fall area after the pilot bailed out in bad weather. He lived to tell the story.

There are three wrecks (two VERY difficult to find) going north on the LT from Lincoln Gap.

It looks like a hike is in order to look at the wreckage to see if any identying markings still remain and to detemine the type of aircraft.

Any chances you took GPS readings or photos? Would you be willing to plot it on a map or guide a couple of folks in to look at it?

This a truly a remarkable find.